By submitting periodic reports of a patient’s growth measurements, a reporter can monitor the health of a child over time. Each growth report contains the following information:

Parameter Format Description
patient_id String The patient’s unique identifier.
weight Number The patient’s weight today, in kg.
height Number The patient’s height today, in cm.
muac Number The patient’s mid-upper arm circumference today, in cm.
oedema Y/N Whether the patient has oedema today.

To make a report for an existing patient via SMS, send NUTRITION REPORT <patient_id> W <weight> H <height> M <muac> O <oedema>. If any measurement is not available, you may omit it or send ‘X’ or ‘x’ in its place.

To cancel a patient’s most recent report, send NUTRITION CANCEL <patient_id>.

As an example, the following conversation could occur:

RapidSMS: To create a nutrition report, send: NUTRITION REPORT
          <patient_id> W <weight (kg)> H <height (cm)> M <muac (cm)> O
          <oedema (Y/N)>
You:      NUTRITION REPORT zyx-321 W 18.5 H 110 O N
RapidSMS: Thanks Jordan Brown. Nutrition report for Sam Green (zyx-321):
          weight: 18.5 kg
          height: 110 cm
          muac: unknown
          oedema: no
You:      NUTRITION REPORT mno-456 W 15 H 90 M 18 O Y
RapidSMS: Sorry, an error occurred while processing your message:
          Nutrition reports must be for a patient who is registered and
You:      NUTRITION CANCEL zyx-321
RapidSMS: Thanks Jordan Brown. The most recent nutrition report for
          Sam Green (zyx-321) has been cancelled.

Report Statuses

Reports may have the following statuses:

  • Unanalyzed. This is the default status when a report has been receieved but analysis has not yet been attempted.
  • Incomplete. Analysis failed (partially or completely) because one or more pieces of information was missing:
    • patient sex
    • patient birth date
    • reported weight
    • reported height
  • Suspect. Analysis failed completely, because reported measurements were outside of reasonable bounds.
  • Error. Analysis failed completely, for some other reason. For example, the patient might be old enough that there is no CDC data against which to analyze, or maybe an internal error occurred.
  • Analyzed. Analysis completed in full, and the report has z-scores for weight vs. height, weight vs. age, and height vs. age.

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